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Workspace transformation.
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Game-changing ideas never come out of the blue. We’ll work closely with you to understand your biggest workspace challenges and objectives for the future. Then we provide authoritative, data-driven analysis of what is and what could be, so you can make intelligent decisions that will make your workspace strategy more purposeful.

What we will deliver:

  • Real-world data on how your current workspace is performing
  • In-depth analysis of how new ways of working will shape workspace strategy
  • Robust research into future workspace requirements
  • Detailed recommendations on how to achieve greater space optimisation
  • Futureproofed office design solutions that flex and flow with changing business needs.

This is the process

  1. Discovery Phase

    An intensive, collaborative process to help define, specify, and understand what workspace transformation will look like for your business.

  2. In-depth Interviews

    Designed to gain an understanding of day-to-day workstyles, processes, and outline the opportunities for change.

  3. Online Surveys

    A chance for all staff to input into the future of their workspace and for the business to understand employee views.

  4. Findings Playback

    Detailed playback of data and findings, providing key insights into differing priorities, opportunities for workspace transformation, and readiness for change.

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